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Essential Items for Men Who Love Fashion

Working as a stylist when I was younger allowed me to meet all different types of men who made fashion a priority in their life. It was always clear who took care of their appearance and put more thought into their clothes and who just threw on the first thing they saw and walked out the door. I obviously needed to give more guidance to the later but still had to work pretty hard to get the ones who had their own look to step outside of their comfort zone. After years of working in the industry I started to realize even though every man had his own styles, there were a few things they all had in common. Here are the essential items you should own if you are a man who loves fashion.

A Well Fitted Button-Down Shirt

It does not really matter if you dress up on the regular or have a casual atmosphere at work that allows you to wear jeans and sneakers daily. Every man should own a well fitted button-down shirt. Not just a button-down shirt but one that fits you properly. It is very common for men to buy a shirt that does not fit them properly because it feels more comfortable. Make sure the arms and torso are both long enough but not excessively. Some of the highest quality shirts for the lowest prices are at Charles Tyrwhitt.

Versatile Casual Sneakers

Today’s generation of sneaker freaks has really changed the perception of sneakers in general. What used to be solely for athletic wear, can now be worn in fancy restaurants, to the nightclub, and even to formal events and weddings. Brands like Vans, Supreme, and Nike are just a few of the names you see on some of these higher end casual sneakers. The reverse has also happened, where higher end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent are now making sneakers as well. Get yourself a pair that is versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your outfit.

One Good Suit

Even if you only wear it once every few years, a good suit can go a long way. The occasions for which it is necessary are usually the ones that you need to make a really good impression, so having it on hand will be a lifesaver. If you do not own a nice tailored suit you might be stuck wearing something that fits poorly and makes you look unprofessional. There are plenty of different retailers, just make sure you know your size before you go, otherwise they can measure you at the tailor if you buy one that needs adjustments.

A Pair of Black Jeans

Lastly, every man should own a pair of black jeans to complete their wardrobe. Black jeans are another item that can be dressed up or dressed down to wear no matter what type of look you are going for. There are plenty of retailors selling a variety of styles so I am sure you will be able to find something you like if you look around.