Go Behind the Scenes at the Beautylish Yacht Club

In South San Francisco, just steps away from the San Francisco Bay, there’s a place that’s very near and dear to our hearts. We call it the Beautylish Yacht Club, and—despite the name—it’s where most of our orders are picked, packaged, and shipped out with love and care, from our team’s hands to yours. Ever wonder where your Beautylish order comes from? Want a behind-the-scenes look at how we work? Take a tour of the Beautylish Yacht Club and see how we’re making shopping for beauty online feel special again.

In the Kitchen with May Lindstrom

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of breathing in the scrumptious aroma of The Honey Mud or The Blue Cocoon, it won’t come as a surprise that the studio where May Lindstrom Skin comes to life is more like a kitchen than an apothecary. Fascinated by the transformative effect that organic, wild-harvested botanicals have on stressed-out skin, May spends her time in her Los Angeles studio much like a top chef would, whipping up deliciously indulgent treats from the purest ingredients in the world. Want an inside look? Join us on a tour of the space where May and her team create the luxurious masks, balms, and oils we can’t live without.

Products from The Ordinary

Don’t be fooled by its name—The Ordinary’sunconventional approach to skin care is turning the beauty industry on its head. Offering high-quality skin care products at refreshingly budget-friendly prices, the brand has caught on quickly in the beauty community, with the now-iconic white bottles taking up residence in the bathroom cabinets of some of the biggest beauty buffs in the world. Everyone we know is raving about The Ordinary, and it looks like makeup artist Wayne Goss is the latest to join the ever-growing fan club.

Watch the video to learn which The Ordinary products made it into Wayne’s top five—and scroll down to see his recommendations for building a skin care routine for every concern.

Easy Monochromatic Makeup with Just One Product

Maybe it’s the summer heat going to our heads, but we’ve been opting for easy, unfussy makeup lately. Don’t get us wrong—we’re still all for elaborate full-face looks that take an entire arsenal of products to create. But sometimes simple, slap-on-and-go makeup is exactly what we need. Enter monochromatic makeup, a technique that calls for one flattering shade for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Not only is color-coordinated makeup having a big moment right now, it’s also incredibly easy: just apply a single shade to your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

In the video tutorial above, NYC-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis creates an easy, monochromatic makeup look based on one pretty shade of pink. Kjaer Weis uses Cream Blush from her all-natural makeup line, which we love for its dewy finish and effortlessly blendable texture, but you can use any multipurpose hue in your makeup bag as long as it’s eye- and lip-safe. Check out the video to see Kjaer Weis’s tips and tricks—and then try it yourself.

An Air-Dried Style for Every Hair Type

When temperatures are closing in on triple digits, you don’t need to tell us twice to step away from the blow dryer. Applying a quick cocktail of products to our locks and heading out the door sounds like a dream come true. While it’s true that a heat-free hair routine is possible, it’s not the same for every hair type. You’ll get the best results (read: tousled, beachy texture without frizz or fuzz) if you start with the right combination of products for your hair. Here, our friends at Bumble and bumble demystify air-dried styles and recommend the best products for fine, thick, and curly hair.

Fine Hair

Get windswept texture with a hint of grit.

1. Mist Prep Primer all over your hair and gently finger-comb to break up any tangles. This vitamin-packed priming spray gives fine hair a dose of lightweight moisture to hydrate strands without weighing them down.

2. Smooth a small amount of Don’t Blow Itfrom the midshaft to the ends of your hair. Squeeze and twist to enhance your natural texture. Don’t Blow It adds polish and body to air-dried styles with a soft, product-free feel.

3. To create a windswept, carefree look with just the right amount of beachy texture, spritz Surf Spray all over your hair and softly scrunch with your fingers.

Thick Hair

Create soft, touchable waves with sheen.

1. Designed with dry, coarse hair in mind, Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer softens, tames frizz, detangles, and protects against breakage. Mist it over damp hair and rake through with your fingers to break up any tangles.

2. For polished texture and bouncy body, apply a small amount of Don’t Blow It from the midshaft to the ends of your hair. Squeeze, scrunch, and twist to bring out your natural texture.

3. Give Surf Infusion a good shake and mist it over your hair. A sea salt spray and hair oil hybrid, this beachy infusion enhances texture for perfectly-imperfect waves with soft shine.

Glitter Eye Shadow Is Back

Someone very wise once said, “You can never have too much glitter.” For the most part, we’re inclined to agree. Unfortunately, the glitzy, glittery eye shadow of our teen years came with a few drawbacks—namely, the tendency to leave a trail of shimmer everywhere, from our cheeks and our clothes to every surface we touched. After just one day of sparkly eye makeup, we’d be finding flecks of shimmer for weeks, and the experience left us more than a little glitter gun-shy.

Luckily, eye shadow technology has come a long way since the ‘90s. These days, it’s easier than ever to get your sparkle on without the risk of discoball-like fallout. Cue Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow, a cream eye shadow with super-shiny pearl and glitter pigments that glide over eyes with the flick of a wand. Unlike loose glitter, there’s no flaking or fallout—once it dries down, it locks into place until you take it off. To help you ease back into the world of glitter eye makeup, we put together a quick tutorial with this shimmery superhero and a few of our other Stila favorites. Behold, a shimmering smoky eye that shines so bright, you just might need shades.

What You’ll Need:

• Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Bronzed Bell

• Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Molten Midnight

• Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Intense Black

• Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Dolce

Here’s Why You Should Use a Hair Primer

Most of us are intimately familiar with the power of a good makeup primer. With it, your foundation glides on like silk, your skin maintains a fresh, matte finish, and your makeup doesn’t budge. Without it, you can be sure your look will melt off by lunchtime. It won’t come as a surprise, then, to learn that there are primers for your hair—and no matter if your locks are fine and frizzy or thick and curly, you should definitely be using one.

What’s a hair primer?

Let’s start at the beginning: a hair primer is a product that preps hair for styling. Primers are generally made up of a blend of conditioning and protective ingredients, and they come in a variety of different formulas. Depending on your hair type and styling routine, you may opt for a cream, spray, lotion, or balm primer. Hair primers are an essential pre-styling step in your haircare routine—especially if you blow dry or style with hot tools.

What does a hair primer do?

A better question might be, what don’t hair primers do? They protect your hair against damage from heat styling and minimize breakage from detangling and brushing. They condition and hydrate, leaving your locks softer, shinier, stronger, and more manageable—much like leave-in conditioners. They help other styling products work better and extend the life of your style. Hair primers even moonlight as hair refreshers, adding bounce and texture back into second-day styles. Many also contain UV-protective ingredients, making them like sunscreen for hair.

Which primer is best for my hair?

To answer this question, we brought in the experts at Bumble and bumble to help sort through the options and find the perfect primer for every hair type.

For fine to medium hair

This lightweight spray is an excellent all-around primer, especially for fine hair. Packed with nourishing vitamins, it detangles, preps hair for styling, and refreshes second-day styles with a weightless, no-product feel.

For medium to thick hair

Inspired by the elixirs used in old-school barbershops, this medium-weight primer spray is best for medium to thick hair that’s healthy, dry, damaged, or color-treated. Invigorating herbs and essential oils refresh your scalp while hydrating and detangling strands.

For dry or damaged hair

If your hair needs a little extra TLC, opt for this oil-infused, UV-protective spray. It instantly softens, silkens, and detangles coarse, brittle hair while taming frizz for sleek, shiny styles. Don’t be turned off by the long list of deeply reparative oils—it goes on weightlessly.

For wavy or curly hair

Formulated with curls and waves in mind, this moisturizing primer not only detangles and hydrates—it also works to lightly define and shape curls on contact. UV filters protect hair from the drying effects of the sun, and when used on day two, it whips second-day curls back into shape.

Find Your Liquid Lipstick Soulmate

Whether we’re looking for an office-appropriate lipstick that lasts through lunch or a bold, vampy lip that won’t smudge on a wild Saturday night, Jouer Cosmetics’ cult-beloved Long-Wear Lip Crème has become our go-to for lip color with serious staying power. For a liquid lipstick, it feels surprisingly comfortable and lightweight on the lips, even after several hours of wear. Plus, there’s a shade for just about everyone, whether you prefer soft, muted tones or flashy metallics. To show the full spectrum of what Long-Wear Lip Crème has to offer, we created a lookbook of swatches of all 33 shades (yes, we’re serious about this stuff). See each shade on light and dark skin and find your perfect match (or matches). We promise that no matter which shade you choose, it won’t come off until you want it to.

Wayne Goss Calls This Product “Instagram Filter in a Tube”

When Wayne Goss gets this excited about a product, we listen. In his latest video, Wayne sings the praises of Charlotte Tilbury’s Unisex Healthy Glow, a tinted moisturizer with natural-looking tan pigments that adjust to your skin tone, creating a warm, healthy glow and subtly blurring imperfections as you massage it in. Designed for all genders, it’s an easy way to give tired skin a quick, natural-looking pick-me-up—or as Wayne calls it, “an Instagram filter in a tube.” Watch the video to learn how this product earned his rave review.

How to Defend Your Hair from Sun Damage

The best things about summer—sunny days, pool parties, beach trips—are often bad news for hair. While we’re all well aware of the benefits of slathering our arms, legs, and face with SPF, we don’t talk much about sunscreen for hair. UV rays won’t give your hair a sunburn, but they do dry out stands, leading to brittleness, breakage, frizz, dull color, and a coarse, dry feel. Too much sun also makes hair more susceptible to future damage by destroying the cuticle, leaving the inner cortex exposed and vulnerable to saltwater, chlorine, and heat styling.

Protecting your hair from the summer sun’s damaging rays, luckily, is as easy as incorporating a UV-protective styling product into your hair care routine. Here, our favorite problem-solving stylers from Bumble and bumble—all enriched with sun-proofing UV filters to protect your hair from too much summer fun.

For all hair types that need a primer

We’ve sung the praises of hair primers before, but here’s a refresher: they protect hair against damage from styling while conditioning and hydrating. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer does everything short of styling your hair for you. Just a few spritzes soften, detangle, tame frizz, and protect from sun damage with UV filters. It’s oil-infused, but don’t worry—it goes on surprisingly weightlessly.

For dry, dull hair that craves shine

Forget everything you know about hair oils. This super-light oil soaks into strands instantly—yes, even fine, thin hair—to soften and add silky shine. It also defends against breakage from brushing, heat styling, and UV rays. Work into wet hair before styling or smooth over dry hair before you head out the door for a dose of sunscreen and shine.

For perfect air-dried styles

Summer often means rising temperatures, and when it’s hot outside, the last thing we want to do is wrestle with blow dryers and curling irons. In addition to shielding hair from the sun’s rays, this crazy-good styling cream helps air-dried hair look its best by enhancing texture and stopping frizz in its tracks. Be forewarned: you may never go back to heat styling.

For beachy, piecey waves

If tousled, textured, just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach waves are your thing, this UV-protective salt spray might be your new best friend. Formulated with tropical oils and sea botanicals, it creates beachy body without the drying, crunchy effect that’s common with surf sprays.

For waves and curls that need a boost

Created with curls and waves in mind, this UV-protectant primer not only detangles and hydrates, it also works to lightly define and shape curls on contact. When used on day two, it whips puffy, deflated curls back into shape.

For sleek, defined curls without crunch

This curl cream adds shape, definition, and separation to curls, ringlets, and corkscrews with a soft, flexible finish. UV filters safeguard dehydration-prone hair from the drying effects of summer sun while a special blend of polymers offer plenty of bounce and movement. Curls look naturally sleek and shapely—not slicked back.